Master’s of Teaching English, 2008
Bachelor’s of .Arts, English, 2006
College Prep Diploma, 2001 KENNESAW STATE UNIVERSITY—Kennesaw, GA


In addition to being an avid blogger, Jeremiah has been in the Education Sector since 2006 specializing in Teaching English. He started as a private tutor and then moved on to full-time teaching at various institutions i.e. Nashville State Community College, Fulton Science Academy High School, Georgia Perimeter College etc.

Jeremiah holds a Bachelor’s of Arts (in English) and a Master’s of Teaching English in addition to being a Member of Sigma Tau Delta (The National English Honors Society), Member of Golden Key National Honors Society, and Recipient of Glenn Hollingsworth Memorial English Scholarship

Educational Background

Master’s of Teaching English, 2008

• 3.9 GPA
• 18 hours of Graduate English courses

Bachelor’s of .Arts, English, 2006

• 3.6 GPA Graduated Cum Laude
• Member of Sigma Tau Delta, The National English Honors Society
• Member of Golden Key National Honors Society
• Recipient of Glenn Hollingsworth Memorial English Scholarship
• A student on the National Dean’s List
• Recipient of HOPE Scholarship


Georgia Professional Standards Commission

Working Experience

January 2014-Present Georgia Perimeter College—Part-Time English Instructor
• English 2300: World Literature 1 Instructor—I have ben
currently teaching a section of World Lit 1 that focuses on
literature from the beginning of time to the Renaissance. We
cover a variety of texts from throughout the world such as
Egyptian Love Poems, ancient Chinese poetry, Beowulf,
Machiavelli, The Canterbury Tales, and so forth.
August 2012-Present Gwinnett County Public Schools—Meadowcreek High School
• 11th Grade AP English Language and Composition—This
class is an in depth study of rhetoric and writing set to thebackdrop of American Literature. The students learn how to
analyze the complexities of nonfiction texts, identify rhetorical
strategies, and produce finely developed and balanced prose. We
study classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin models of argumentation
and rhetorical jargon, while reading a vast quantity of nonfiction
literature, such as Enlightenment Philosophy, American Colonial
political essays, abolitionist and civil rights literature,
presidential speeches, Transcendental expositions, and
contemporary exposes. This class prepares students to write,
read, and test on a college level.
• County Lesson Plan Writer—I am one of the few lesson plan
writers for the entire county. I use the county standards to create
and write original lesson plans for teachers to utilize in their
American Literature Lead Teacher—I am the lead teacher for
11th grade AM. Lit. so I hold weekly meetings with the other
teachers on my team to discuss curriculum, grading practices,
skill development, planning, student concerns, testing, lesson
plans, and best practices. I also mentor the new teachers that
either are recent graduates of college or simply are from different
areas and are new to Meadowcreek.
• Literacy Leadership Team (LLT)—I serve on the LLT team to
help facilitate, develop, and lead the English Department at
Meadowcreek. I help plan and implement the school-wide
literacy and writing goals for the school and provide
writing/close-reading training for non-Language Arts teachers.
• 11th Grade American Literature Teacher—Along with literature,
this class focuses on persuasive and argumentative writing.
March 2011-October 2013 Anthem College Online
• Adjunct English 101 Online Instructor—This class teaches
college-level writing through the utilization of 4 rhetorical
modes: anecdotal, comparison and contrast, process analysis, and
argumentative writing. I lead weekly online lectures through
Adobe Connect where the students can either watch a live stream
or view the recording of the presentation. Adobe Connect allows
viewing students to pose questions and interact with me
throughout the lecture. The students complete a series of 5
reading/writing assignments weekly that revolve around one of
the 4 rhetorical modes, and then produce an essay in the same
style weekly. I teach from the text Successful College Writing
and the students read a variety of nonfiction selections from
Frank McCourt, William F. Buckley, Brent Staples, and Ed
• Adjunct English 095 Online Instructor—This course serves to
develop the writing skills of remedial students who enter college
below the appropriate college writing level. Anthem utilizes the
online program My Fundamental Skills to learn and practice
specific writing abilities, such as syntax construction, comma
and punctuation usage, paragraph development, formal diction
recognition, and essay construction. As it is in English 101, I
lead weekly online lectures that focus on specific writing skills.
• Supervisor: Jeneane Moore, Program Chair, General Education:
(866-837-1010 ext 25639)
August 2010-May 2012 Fulton Science Academy High School—Alpharetta, GA
• Honors Track English Teacher:
9th Grade Honors English—This is a Western Canonbased
course that focuses on developing new high school
students for the rigors of the honors track. I build on the
vocabulary of the students by teaching Greek
Morphemes, while covering a wide span of literature
throughout the year to build on their knowledge of
canonized texts that have appeared on the AP English
exam. I teach novels by surrounding them with short
stories and poetry that compliment the themes, characters,
and meaning of the texts. Texts that I tend to cover are
Mythology, The Odyssey, The Penelopiad, Oedipus the
King, The Pearl, The Old Man and the Sea, Anthem,
Fahrenheit 451, A Farewell to Arms, The Tragedy of
Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird, and at least 1
independent novel.
August 2010-February 2011 ITT Technical Institute—Duluth, GA
• Adjunct English Composition 1 Instructor—This 10 week class
scaffolds the writing process of one essay throughout the entire
semester. The students progress through the semester by learning
how to identify main ideas, develop sentences, properly utilize
mechanics, develop paragraphs, use variable diction, link
paragraphs, research and synthesize references, and utilize the
writing process to develop, edit and finalize an essay. This
course, as designed by ITT Tech’s corporate office, does not
require the students to read any actual pieces of professional
writing and there are not any examples in the text book that is
used, so I supplemented the course with selections from the text
50 Essays: A Portable Anthology. I would bring in selections
that complimented what I was teaching that week. Some of the
authors presented in the text are Zora Neil Hurston, Langston
Hughes, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Stephanie Ericson, and David
• Supervisor: Barbara Brooks, Associate Dean of General Studies,
(678) 957-8510
June 2010- August 2010 Academic Advantage Tutoring – Tucker, GA
• Tutored a variety of students ranging from 8 years to college
• Subjects: Reading, math, SAT/ACT, college writing, social
studies, language arts
• Supervisor: Kim Belt, (770) 908-0398
August 2009- May 2010: Nashville State Community College—Nashville, TN
• English 1020 Instructor—This course offered me much more
personal freedom to develop it as I saw fit. The course spanned a
traditional semester that covered 5 months, for which I divided
the units into specific methods of development. One unit would
focus on developing a point through definition and comparison,
while another unit would focus on using examples and
cause/effect. There were 4 units a semester that each covered 4
weeks. Within each of those units, the students would write 2
formal essays covering the same specific modes of development
for that unit. The students would compose the 1st essay of the
unit, then I would grade it and discuss what they each
individually need to improve on, and they would write a new
essay utilizing the same modes of development implementing
their individual improvements. For this class, we used the text A
World of Ideas, which has great pieces of nonfiction in it by
Plato, Machiavelli, Thoreau, Rousseau, Marx, and a variety of
contemporary writers.
• Supervisor: Alice Church, Associate Professor and English
Coordinator (615) 353-3352
2008-2009 SES TUTOR: Huntington Learning Center—Nashville, TN
• SES Tutor (Supplemental Educational Services)
• Tutored children from grades 1st-9th in math and reading
• Supervisor: Terri Chapman (615) 448-7724
August 2008- August 2010 Metro Nashville Public Schools—Stratford Comprehensive
High School—Nashville, TN
• 9th Grade English 1 and AVID Teacher—SCHS is an inner-city,
urban title 1 school that had the highest concentration of free
reduced lunch students than any other school in Nashville. Upon
my arrival, I and the other 9th English teacher improved the
passing rate of Freshmen English EOCT scores from 80% to
97%. Because the student population possessed much higher
spirits and independence than the typical student, classroom
engagement and differentiation were essential elements in my
planning and development of classroom activities and
assessments. Though the class was rarely silent, the students
were actively engaged. While at SCHS, I taught Tears of a Tiger,
Dreams From My Father, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, The
Pact, and a variety of poetry and short stories.
• Supervisor: Rafiq Vaughn, Freshmen Principal (615) 242-6730
2007 Huntington Learning Center—Woodstock, GA
• SAT/ACT Instructor/English and Math Tutor
• Supervisor: Reid Trego (678) 445-4746
2006-2007 Total Learning Concepts Lilburn, GA
• SAT/ACT Instructor/English and Math Tutor
• Supervisor: Carol Wood and Jenny Bittick (770) 381-5958
2006 Private English Tutor —Atlanta, GA
• I privately tutored Mr. Shane Weavers for a period of three
months during the summer of 2006. We worked on a homeschool
curriculum that covered reading comprehension,
rhetorical skills, and grammar.
• Supervisor: Caroline Weavers (404) 547-3731
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